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Golden Dreams
True Stories of Adventure in the California Gold Rush

When gold was found in Northern California, news of it spread like a wildfire during the spring and summer of 1848. 

In this study, the author shares diary entries from gold seekers, painting a detailed portrait of the frenzy that overtook the world, the lives of the miners, and how the move West changed the fabric of a nation. 

Killing for Land.jpg
Killing for Land in Early California

This highly researched account shows how the California frontier wars allowed for the rise of a ranch economy for whites and a reservation system for the Native Americans. The Round Valley Federal Indian Reservation was founded in remote Mendocino County when California had only been a state for four short years and much of the northern half of the state was still virgin territory.

Blood Will Tell.jpg
Blood Will Tell
Divvying Up Early California from Colonel Juan Batista De Anza to Jasper O'Farrell

Look at a map of the San Francisco Bay Area, and you see the influence of Jasper O'Farrell everywhere. Street positions, building locations, and street names would all be different without O'Farrell's expert mapping skills—even though the changes he made to local maps angered citizens so much a lynch mob ran him out of town. 

Yanks in the Redwoods.jpg
Yanks in the Redwoods
Carving Out a Life in Northern California

Yanks in the Redwoods presents life on the frontier of the Northwest, focusing on a 100-mile region of the Mendocino Coast, 70 miles north of San Francisco, in Northern California. 

Covering the period of 1800-1900, the book presents several never before published accounts by participants, the individual stories and documentary details of families going about their personal and business activities.

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